Through creativity, technology, and a powerful network of collaborators and strategic partners, Saving Jane works to prevent human trafficking and modern slavery.

Our task is to promote that human trafficking is real, it is everywhere, and everyone is participating in it, either directly or indirectly. By raising awareness, we seek to prevent and end HTMS. 

Saving Jane collaboratively produces media projects and investigative reporting, and is building strategic partnerships for the development of training programs and recovery and leadership programs. 


Prevention & Awareness: National Media Programs

Youth Education Through Graphic Novels: Saving Jane works with national and global organizations to produce and distribute graphic novels (comic books) that teach about human trafficking – what it is, what it looks like, what to do when you see it, and how people fall victim to it. In this easy to follow graphic novel format, young people learn to identify, see and avoid the red flags of predatory behavior. For Fall 2018, Saving Jane is in production to distribute across the U.S. 50,000 copies of ABOLITIONISTA! Good Girl Gone (2018 revision published by Saving Jane), by Thomas Estler -- a graphic novel that tells the story of how one girl becomes vulnerable and falls victim to a coercive predator who traffics her. The book is accompanied by a teacher/leader version to be taught in schools. If you are an educator and would like to have ABOLITIONISTA! Good Girl Gone in your school district, please contact us.  READ ABOUT OUR PREVENTION WORKSHOPS HERE.

Awareness: Virtual reality FILM

Come Into Me is a ten-minute short VR film that depicts how a human trafficking transaction occurs in a public place in New York City. The viewer can live the experience of trafficking from multiple perspectives: as an External Observer, the Victim, the Trafficker and the Client. Saving Jane was the first non-profit backer of this endeavor, which was produced in partnership with Bastet Films. 

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Awareness & Prevention: Training and education


Saving Jane is collaboratively working to support and produce:  

Educational Recognition Training programs for high schools, colleges/universities, companies and other stakeholder groups. 

Saving Jane Comic Book Workshops: #GoodGirlGone is an innovative educational tool that responsibly educates young people about human trafficking and empowers them to protect themselves. Carefully crafted with the help of federal law enforcement, educators and survivors of human trafficking, this comic book workshop is designed to teach children to 1) identify recruitment conversations, 2) effectively deal with predators and traffickers, and 3) know who they can go to for help. We present our workshops in schools, homeless shelters, YMCAs and faith communities, igniting excitement with the comic book while educating kids about human trafficking and equipping them with skills that will put them at the front lines of their own self protection.

To to book a workshop email Saving Jane at: workshops@savingjane.org

Professional Training workshops for local law enforcement, medical professionals, childcare workers and hotel workers. 

Awareness: investigative journalism

One of our journalism fellows, Madeline Moitozo, recently published her investigative report on France 24.com about Nigerian human traffickers in France. Sixteen members of a mostly female network of Nigerian human traffickers operating forced prostitution rings in France went on trial in Summer 2018 in Paris, facing their accusers as the trafficked women testified to being lied to, beaten and raped.