Our Mission

Saving Jane empowers survivors of all forms of modern day slavery and human trafficking to live the life that they want to live.

Saving Jane is committed to ending all forms of these crimes through raising of the public’s awareness, education, the transformation of lives of impacted individuals, and the creation of systems, technology and policies to protect and support impacted individuals or prevent the formation of social conditions conducive to trafficking.


Our Vision

That all people everywhere are free to choose the life they want to live.

I started Saving Jane to empower human trafficking survivors by freeing them from the trauma of their past experiences. Our mission has expanded into awareness and prevention as we discovered for ourselves the size of the scope of the issue. Saving Jane is committed to a world free of slavery, where no person is ever bought or sold and where the wounds of the past are fully healed.
— Kathyann Powell, Founder





Kathyann Powell migrated to the US from Barbados with her mother in 1986 and was interested in fashion from an early age, eventually attending FIT and obtaining a merchandising degree. She then parlayed that experience into a 14 year career in luxury retail sales which she found to be lucrative, but unfulfilling in spite of winning accolades from her management team and national recognition, while being featured in company magazines. 

In 2017, she attended a leadership training program and chose to retire from fashion and sales and use her new freedom to explore all the things she never had time to do. She became a gourmet chef, took up Pilates and yoga and moved to Las Vegas to enjoy the weather. About three months later, in late February of 2018, she had an epiphany and chose to dedicate her life to helping survivors of human trafficking. She founded Saving Jane in March of 2018 and immediately started multiple projects. Today she spends her time creating new ways to address the three pillars of Saving Jane: Awareness, Prevention and the Aftercare of survivors




Thomas Estler is an author and comic book creator dedicated to educating children about human trafficking. His Abolitionista! comic book series was created with the help of FBI victim specialists, social workers and anti-human trafficking organizations to educate at-risk youth about human trafficking and give them tools to protect themselves.

By using comic books, film, music, and social media as delivery vehicles, Thomas equips children all over the world with survival tools specific to the challenges they face in the individual regions they live in. He has harnessed the natural power of popular culture to engage youth and inspire them to live lives of courage, power, and inspiration. His COERCION comic book series accompanied the End Child Sex Trafficking bill to the NY Legislature and helped persuade NY lawmakers to pass a stronger child trafficking bill. He is a frequent speaker at human trafficking conferences, comic book conventions and schools, where he brings his comic book workshops. He was named one of New York’s New Abolitionists along with Meryl Streep and Tina Fey.




Rosie is a leadership professional, with a decade of diverse experience in entrepreneurship, team leadership, storytelling and public speaking, non-profit and private sector fundraising, and marketing. Prior to her current position, she was Founder and Director, Marketing and Investor Relations of Lumera, an emerging investment firm focused on pension-driven infrastructure investment in the US. Previously, she coached and consulted leaders based on her proprietary leadership models that drive participation and loyalty from their organizations’ stakeholders. Rosie transforms “executives”, “board members”, “teams”, “stakeholders” and “customers” into community members. Her research and experience support her philosophy that the most impactful businesses and organizations draw contribution from and deliver benefit to community members.

Rosie serves on the Board of Directors for New America Alliance, a national organization which advocates for Latino fund managers to have fair consideration in access to capital. She holds a leadership position in the NEXUS community, and is a leader with the New York City 2020 Women on Boards annual event. While Founder at Lumera, Rosie served on the Board of Directors for Bay Area Council, arguably the most powerful trade policy advocacy group in northern California, focused primarily on infrastructure development.


The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation (The Luce Foundation) mission is to support young global leadership impacting positive social change, particularly in the fields of Arts, Education and Orphan Care. The Luce Foundation is the fiscal sponsor of Saving Jane, Inc, which works with young people in the prevention of human trafficking and works with survivors of human trafficking to transform them into leaders. The most vulnerable people at risk of exploitation are often foster youth, homeless youth and youth living in poverty, and middle class young people suffering from low self-esteem and mental health issues. The Luce Foundation is committed to caring for young people around the world and supporting them in living healthy and fulfilling lives of their choosing, which is why they have chosen to fiscally sponsor Saving Jane. 

The Luce Foundation was envisioned upon the death Jim Luce's father, Stanford L. Luce, in 2008. It was incorporated in New York State in 2011 and has received tax-exempt 501(c)3 status from the Internal Revenue Service.