Labor Trafficking in the U.K. and the Vulnerability of Migrants

Last week, The New York Times published a story on the revelation that over 400 Polish people were trapped in a human trafficking ring in the U.K. It highlights how labor trafficking works and modern day slavery thrives on the vulnerability of people in dire situations.


July 5, 2019

‘Modern Slavery’ Ring in U.K. Ensnared up to 400 Polish People, Authorities Say

LONDON — They lived in desperate straits in Poland, often homeless and suffering from addictions. So when the call came to get free housing and well-paid jobs in Britain, hundreds decided to make the move.

But instead of a better life, the British authorities said on Friday, the immigrants found themselves in the clutches of a human trafficking ring that lured workers to England, starved them, crowded them into squalid housing, forced them to work long hours at menial jobs, stole their wages and paid them as little as £10, or about $12, a week.

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Saving Jane Proudly Partners with Celebrity Ambassador Christina Fulton for "Saving Face" Campaign

Saving Jane Proudly Partners with Celebrity Ambassador Christina Fulton for "Saving Face" Campaign

In September of 2019, Christina will launch her first Pop Up in Beverly Hills. Christina will lead the way with Saving Jane foundation and her skincare line Christina Fulton by Immortal Beauty Inc. on a campaign and movement called “Saving Face.” 

How Las Vegas Became A Breeding Ground for Sex-Trafficking Homeless Youth

The first time Sophia Moore* was trafficked for sex it was because she was mistaken as a sex worker by a stranger. Wearing short shorts in an attempt to survive the summer heat,  she sat with her half-brother under the neon lights of Tropicana Boulevard. The Hawaiian transplant had been homeless only a few weeks. A man in a pick-up truck stopped and offered her brother fifty dollars, assuming him to be her pimp…

Bad for Business and Costing Lives - By Madeline Moitozo

Laws in France were changed two years ago to decriminalize prostitution with the goal to stamp it out by decreasing demand. This has created a scenario where more than 30,000 sex workers have effectively lost their income and the state has provided no assistance from them to transition to other work.