Abolitionsta! Volume 1


Eden’s best friend disappears and all the clues lead to the dark, underground world of modern-day slavery. Will Eden find her friend? Will she be caught in the same trap? Are the powers of true friendship enough to save them both from the man who wants to enslave them?


abolitionista! Gift set: Two copies


Choose 2 stories of your choice of the brave journeys of Eden, Jada and Moon. Follow their stories and save $10.00 when you purchase this bundle!


Abolitionista! Volume 2


Jada’s life goes off the rails. Her mom has bolted and the FBI is in hot pursuit. Her landlord has kicked her out and she has nowhere to go but the open road. Just as she begins to figure out how to survive on the street, a monstrous criminal begins preying on runaway girls. Jada’s ancestor, an African warrior princess, reaches across time to guide her in a plan of survival. Will Jada have what it takes to protect herself even after she falls under the spell of the very enemy that threatens to destroy her?


abolitionista! gift set: volumes 1, 2 & 3


Get all 3 of our incredible stories about Eden, Jada and Moon! Share and read with your friends, and family. Save $20.00 when you purchase all 3 stories.


abolitionista! #goodgirlgone


Zoe disappears, leaving only an ominous online trail of pictures with a stranger. Her best friend, Moon, uncovers the human trafficking ring that has taken Zoe captive. Will Moon be able to rescue Zoe before she is caught in the same trap? Will the power of friendship be enough to save them Will they be able to protect themselves from the cyber predator who is hiding inside their private online accounts?


ABolitionista! MangA BOX SET


The Abolitionista! Manga Box is the ultimate collection for the ultimate Abolitionista! Complete with all three Abolitionista! graphic novels, #GoodGirlGone, Volume 1 and Volume 2, this beautiful, laser-engraved, hand-built, acrylic manga box will keep the collection in pristine condition for many years. Choose either all natural walnut hardwood or midnight black liner to really make it pop on your shelf! Note: These are made to order by our wonderful collaborator Ladywren Studios! Please allow up to 4 weeks for construction and delivery.