We are in the concept and development phase of campus-style facilities to provide a comprehensive suite of support services for Survivors including health care, housing, life skills, education, and economic opportunity. 


If you are a service provider listed below and would like to collaborate, please contact us. We work with both local and national organizations. 

Onsite Recovery Services 

• Empowerment Training
• Graduated Housing Assistance
• Health / Mental Health Services
• Sex Education / STD awareness
• Career Training
• Wellness / Nutrition / Health Education
• Childcare
• Legal Assistance
• Social Service Coordination

Economic opportunities and Business education  

• Business Training
• Grantmaking
• Micro Lending
• Public Speaking training
• Business Legal Services
• Entrepreneurship support and acceleration
• Sponsorship of TED talks and similar speaking opportunities by previously trafficked people
• Social Media support / training for influencers

Emergency care

• Safe Houses
• Trauma Counseling
• STD Testing /Physical Exams / Pregnancy Testing
• Emergency Child Care
• Security Services

Offsite Support Services 

• Affordable Housing Program
• Ongoing Mental Health & Clinical Healthcare Services
• GED Program / High School Catchup Program (for minors)
• Advanced Job Training / Re-training and Job Placement Services
• Day Care and After-school Childcare Programs
• Local Primary Language Training (English in the US)
• Social Service Coordination