We are in the concept and planning phase of campus-style facilities to provide a comprehensive suite of support services for Survivors including health care, emergency housing, life skills, education, and economic opportunity.  The services will be implemented as soon as possible with the emphasis being on housing and immediate health care. 


If you are a service provider listed below and would like to collaborate, please contact us. We work with both local and national organizations. 

Onsite Recovery Services 

• Empowerment Training
• Graduated Housing Assistance
• Health / Mental Health Services
• Sex Education / STD awareness
• Career Training
• Wellness / Nutrition / Health Education
• Childcare
• Legal Assistance
• Social Service Coordination

Economic opportunities and Business education  

• Business Training
• Grantmaking
• Micro Lending
• Public Speaking training
• Business Legal Services
• Entrepreneurship support and acceleration
• Sponsorship of TED talks and similar speaking opportunities by previously trafficked people
• Social Media support / training for influencers

Emergency care

• Safe Houses
• Trauma Counseling
• STD Testing /Physical Exams / Pregnancy Testing
• Emergency Child Care
• Security Services

Offsite Support Services 

• Affordable Housing Program
• Ongoing Mental Health & Clinical Healthcare Services
• GED Program / High School Catchup Program (for minors)
• Advanced Job Training / Re-training and Job Placement Services
• Day Care and After-school Childcare Programs
• Local Primary Language Training (English in the US)
• Social Service Coordination