About Saving Jane

Saving Jane has had a manic history in the short time it has existed, with various band members coming and going. Saving Jane came about when Marti Dodson and Pat Buzzard became friends, eventually coming to the conclusion that they could make beautiful music together. To get things moving, they contacted Dak Goodman who agreed to be their drummer. At this point they were just missing a bass player, so they borrowed one from another band ... unfortunately, Goodman and the bassist didn't get on (at all!), so they let them go. Then came along Jeremy Martin.

After recruiting a lead guitarist, they were ready to go ... but they were later replaced by Mike Ungar. Joe Cochran was introduced to the band by a mutual friend, and then the final (for now) member change came when Mike Ungar left the band for family reasons, to be replaced by Brandon Hagan.

Illustrious history behind them, the band released their debut album, Girl Next Door in October 2005, which made it to number two in the US Billboard Heatseekers chart. The single released at the same time, of the same name, received major radio play and it was primarily for this that Universal Records signed up the band.

The band re-released Girl Next Door in April 2006 with two new tracks, with their second single, Happy being released in summer 2006. Unfortunatley this single didn't hit the mark like Girl Next Door did, leading the band to release a third single in late August - Come Down to Me.

Album: Girl Next Door (Original)

Girl Next Door Lyrics - click here

1. "Girl Next Door"
2. "Happy"
3. "Who's Cryin' Now?"
4. "Autumn & Me"
5. "Change You"
6. "Reasons Why"
7. "Come Down to Me"
8. "Don't Stop"
9. "Imperfection"

Album: Girl Next Door (Re-release)

Girl Next Door Lyrics - click here

1. "Who's Cryin' Now?"
2. "Happy"
3. "Girl Next Door"
4. "Change You"
5. "Reasons Why"
6. "Ordinary"
7. "Sleep On It"
8. "Don't Stop"
9. "Mary"
10. "Come Down to Me"
11. "Autumn & Me"
(12. Bonus hidden track: "Imperfection")